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How To Measure

A perfect-fitting clothing starts with perfect measurements. here, we'll show you which measurements are needed and how to correctly take them.
Before all, you should know these very important keys:

1.Do not take the measurements by yourself only. If possible, you'd better to find a tailor to help you. If not, let your famliy or your friend to help.
2.Less dress
3.Keep the rules the on the same horizontal when you measure those "circle sizes".
4.Once you measure those "circle sizes", you should make 2 fingers between the rule and your body and can make rule turn around easily.
5.Relax. Keep your sight frontly. Do not move your sight with the rule, mostly we found it can make the error more than 4-5 cm.
Remember the 5 points, here we go to get the measurements.
d) Hips
e) Head(if the item has the hat, please provide the head circle whatever you choose the standard size or special size): 

Very very important size and not easy for most people to get-- shoulder width.
1.Find the biggest bone of yourvertebrae cervicales. We called it seventh cervical vertebra.(easy)
2.Find the point of neck shoulder. It is the cross of neck and shoulder.It is always around 1/3 of shoulder's thickness. If you can not find it, dress a dress shirt
you will easily get the point which is the line on shirt and your neck.(Normal)
3.Find the shoulder point. This is the most difficult of measure. Even for a tailor, it is not easy to find.
Way 1:To get it, you should star for the point of neck shoulder, keep your finger move to the arm smooth and relax. Once you feel your finger suddenly down that you will find it.
Way 2:If you can not judge, put the rule on the shoulder start from the point of neck shoulder. And you will find the rule suddenly down. That is the shoulder point you can get.
Way 3; Find a tailor to help you.
Once you get the shoulder point, you will easliy get the measurment of shoulder.
Star from on shoulder point cross the seventh cervical vertebra and end at another shoulder point, read the rule you will get it.

Other Measurements you chould provide.
a) Sleeve length:
b) Foot Length
c) Crotch depth(Special size for swimming style costume)

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